About the Artist


The woman that owns this shop is standing. Is standing and smiling in a naturally lit room with plants in the background. She. Wears a red flowered dress with a red sweater and has dark, curly hair and blue eyes.

Hello, I'm Ayla.  A Tarot, Astrology and Folklore enthusiast with over 30 years of experience.  Over the years of developing my own spiritual practice I have discovered what works for me and supports me in my divinations and magical practice.  It is now time to share them with you.  My goal is to create quality handmade items that are not only functional and magical but beautiful and playful as well. From playfully wrapped gemstone pendulum necklaces to spell enhancing runes and protective Tarot deck wallets that fold out to become a reading cloth and more is always being added. You can also find a place to book a Tarot or Astrology reading with me as well.  Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your visit.

~Ayla Wren~

Chaos Practitioner