Collection: Wire Wrapped Gemstone Pendulum/Necklaces

These unique wire wrapped gemstone pendulum necklaces are a beautiful and fun way to carry your pendulum with you.  Each Pendulum is one of a kind and is wrapped with non-tarnishing wire and either a gold, or silver plated chain, or a faux leather cord. Each pendulum comes with a description based upon the crystal correspondences for each individual necklace. Each crystal is carefully chosen to enhance the intention of the pendulum.  All necklaces are hand made in the United States by Ayla Wren.  

How to use a pendulum:  Take a take a few deep cleansing breaths and clear your mind. Get ready to ask your question. Establish directional correspondences before starting. For instance, if my pendulum swings back and forth in a line, that means "yes", and a circle means "no". When you are ready, unclasp your necklace and with your dominant hand, drape the chain about 8 to 12 inches from the crystal over your first finger at the first knuckle and hold the chain in place with your thumb. Either wrap the remaining chain over your dominant hand or tuck it into your palm. And hold in place with your remaining fingers. Place your elbow on a stable surface and allow your pendulum to hang and wait for it to stop swinging. When you have your question firmly in mind, think or speak it and wait for your pendulum to respond. Have fun! Visit my website For more tips on pendulum usage and more creations.