Collection: Tarot Wallets

A Tarot bag made by a reader for readers.  These beautiful wallets are made with recycled, repurposed, found, vintage or otherwise small batch fabric.  Each wallet is unique, literally no wallet is the same. Similar to finding your first Tarot deck, the wallet you choose was meant for you.  My wallets are durable and reversible.  They fold out to make a reading cloth large enough for a three-card spread.  An elastic band makes sure everything stays safe and secure. When the reading cloth is folded over the deck, it creates a cushion, so decks are less likely to get damaged and dented.  The carefully wire wrapped gemstone attached is not only beautiful but from a magical standpoint, crystals help keep your deck stay cleansed and protected.  This wallet is great for the on-the-go reader or anyone that likes to keep their cards away from crumbs at the café or dirt at the park. 


Tarot Wallets