Collection: Cartomancy

Humans have been drawing symbols and images to express our inner thoughts and feelings long before we developed written words.  Images process through our brains differently than the spoken or written word. Similarly, due to the way we easily connect with them, humans have been using the idea of archetypes and other iterations of that idea since time immemorial.  Tarot and Oracle cards combine images and archetypes to create a space for self-exploration and inner work.  

     I have been learning and exploring various types of Cartomancy for 30 years and there is always something new and amazing to discover.  I have over 20 years of nursing in the mental health field as well and am well versed in therapeutic and empathetic communication.  My readings are geared towards deep inner work and working through difficult situations.  

  Join me for a live or recorded reading, whether you have something specific you would like to discuss or just wanting a general reading experience, you can find it here.  

***All readings are for entertainment purposes only.  The future does not exist and the choices we make are our own as are the consequences.  Occult responsibly. ***