Collection: Soular Systems

PLEASE BOOK A CONSULTATION VISIT PRIOR TO PURCHASING SOULAR SYSTEM.  The meeting is approx. 15 minutes but is very important in the process to ensure this special piece of art is as unique as you and your natal chart are. A Soular system is a hanging 3 dimensional wire wrapped gemstone sculpture based on  your personal natal chart made to encourage study and meditation on the piece.  It is more than just a visual representation of your natal chart.  I wrap each crystal and hang them in a specific way that invites study.  The goal of the sculptures is to not only be a beautiful addition to your home decor, but it is a totally different way to view your chart.  Included in this service is a full write up of your chosen natal chart placements with a short explanation of the meaning of your chart placements but also why that stone, wrapping and placement was chosen with a picture of each stone in the description so that you may never lose your way during your meditations.  In order to create your custom Soular System I will need your exact birth date, time and location.  Please message me with any specific requests, or questions.  Please know this is a very personal piece of consciously made art, depending on size or specific requests these sculptures can take up to a month and a half to create and ship.  All stones are ethically sourced and if a specific stone is requested it may change the price the of the sculpture. This why it is important to have a dialog prior to starting on the sculpture.