Collection: Nordic Rune Spell Tokens

This set of 13 Bind Rune tokens are meant to be used as a stand-alone pocket spell token, to enhance your own spells or for divination.  Alone or combined with traditional runes or other divination tools, any way the reader sees fit.   Each Bind Rune token contains all of the ingredients of a good spell, a crystal chip, and herbs are baked into each coin, these all correspond to and enhance the meaning of the bind rune.  On one side of the token is the bind rune and the other side features a modern emoji to enhance the understanding of the rune while inviting further introspection.  The set comes with a printed or online booklet with explanations of the runes, and Tarot, and Astrological corresponds listed to enhance your spells there are also a few suggested ways to combine and use the bind runes.

Nordic Rune Spell Tokens