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The Future and the Past do not exist only the present is tangible. Let's use the cards to explore your present situation and see what may ripple out as a result of current choices. We can explore the messages of your dreams from your subconcsious and how it impacts your waking life. Understanding your birth chart can lead to shadow work, and growth. Lets' explore the complexity and chaos that is life together.

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Chaos Creations

Unique handmade accessories for your daily practice. Wearable pendulums, portable Tarot wallets with protective 3 card spread mat Black Salt and more. Small batch collections, always unique, always handmade, always magical..

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Tarot Wallets

Tarot Wallets

A Tarot bag made by a reader for readers.  These beautiful wallets... 

Wire Wrapped Gemstone Pendulum/Necklaces

Wire Wrapped Gemstone Pendulum/Necklaces

These unique wire wrapped gemstone pendulum necklaces are a beautiful and fun... 

  • Tarot Wallets

    Tarot wallets that both protect your deck and fold out to make a 3 card reading cloth

    Tarotsaurus Decks 
  • Jewelry

    Beautiful wire wrapped gemstone necklaces that can also be used as a pendulum .

    Pendulum Necklaces 
  • Ritual and Spell Accessories

    A year long process that results in heavy hitter protective and eco-frienly ritual Black Salt